Reseller Program for Chambers of Commerce

What if you could
    . increase your member retention
    . add new sources of revenue
    . attract more visitors and new members
by offering valuable online resources to your members and local community?

Entrabase offers a number of products and services that allow Chambers and other member-based organizations to do just that. These products enhance and expand your website and include:
    . Job Guide
    . Real Estate Guide (commercial and residential)
    . Website banner ads
Becoming a reseller of these Entrabase products adds valuable content to your Chamber's website. This establishes your Chamber as a resource for sought-after information on your local community, attracting new visitors to your website and keeping visitors coming back. At the same time, these products allow your Chamber to generate additional revenue.

The Job Guide drives visitors to your website who are looking for job opportunities in the area. You can offer different listing plans to your members, from posting an individual job opening to being a featured job provider. (more)

The Real Estate Guide attracts people who would like to move into the local community or expand their businesses into your area. The fact that --% of people now go online first to look for homes demonstrates that this is a valuable resource for visitors. (more)

The Banner Ad Program provides high visibility for member businesses to a growing audience of visitors, and it associates them with these valuable sources of information.

Several Chambers, including the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce, have become resellers of Entrabase products with beneficial results.

If you are interested in learning how Entrabase products can positively impact your member retention, website visitor rate, and revenue streams, please fill out the form below. An Entrabase representative will contact you shortly to discuss how we can add value to your website for your members and your local community.


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