Website Design

Let’s meet! Our local team of expert designers will sit down with you to build a cutting edge website for your business. Fast, efficient, professional and within your budget, the Entrabase team will work directly with you to create a website that will increase your online presence, traffic and profits.

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Web Development

The Entrabase developers will ensure that the back-end functionality of your website is as cutting edge at the front-end. Web engineering, web content development, e-commerce and all of the non-design aspects of building your website including mark-up, coding and a content management system. Let us help you build a dynamic, interactive website for your business. Give us a call for a quote.

Website Maintenance

Let’s remodel! Do you have an existing website in need of a facelift and key updates? The design and content team at Entrabase will step in and give your website a new and improved upgrade.  Sometimes a simple restructure of navigation and updated content can give your website the look and feel it needs to increase your online presence, traffic and profits. Call it a website Makeover…  

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Content Development

High quality unique content are what the search engines are looking for. The Entrabase team has specialized content generating skills such as graphic design, multimedia development and professional writing. Let us help you create great content for your social media platforms.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO? Before we go any further, we wanted to give you a brief explanation of Search Engine Optimization so that you are well prepared to make the best decision on what method of Entrabase SEO to focus on.

SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through search engine results. Pretty important, right? At the end of the day, you may have an amazing website with well written content and beautiful images, but if people do not come to your website, then this will not serve your business well. Our Entrabase team understands the importance of great SEO and have created two options for your SEO management. Both are key to the success of your online business and will help you increase your presence, traffic and profits.

SEO ‘lite’ – This basic and must-have plan lets the search engines know about your site with very generalized optimization. We highly recommend this plan at a minimum. This option also includes adding “Google Analytics” to track the traffic to your site.

SEO ‘heavy’ – Recommended to all Entrabase clients. This is our #1 most utilized product! ‘heavy’ offers extremely detailed optimization for a variety of key words and phrases targeted at specific locations within your key business regions. Every page of your website is individually optimized with the latest Search Engine rules and industry best practices to maximize your results and ultimately to increase your business. Neither a new or old website with basic pages like “Home”, “About Us”, “Services”, etc … can be truly optimized. They are too generic. True optimization requires SEO ‘heavy’. With SEO ‘heavy’ we will actually create pages that are optimized for each combination of key word and target location. That is the only way to be truly optimized!

SEO is ever changing and a very difficult area to perfect. The Entrabase team of developers are committed to the continuous education of the SEO practices in order to stay abreast on updates and changes within the SEO world. A large percentage of the success rate of our clients is the ‘good traffic’ coming to their websites to generate leads, sales, clients and long-term, repeat customers, our #1 goal is to help your business succeed.

One very important factor with SEO: Everyday you wait to optimize, the further you fall behind your competitors and the harder it is to catch up. That’s because, all other things being equal, search engines give preference to the page that has been online the longest. Don’t wait another minute, GIVE US A CALL today!

Social Media

Social media is a must for your business. Certain channels are absolutely necessary while others are important but may not be as crucial for your business presence. In addition to setting up pages for your business, these pages must be maintained with fresh, relevant and meaningful content on a regular basis. And, finally, for further reach to new and potential customers or to connect with your current client base, ads are a key component to your digital marketing plan.

The Entrabase team will help you with Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat. Our services include an online analysis of your current social media channels and an assessment of the Social Channels imperative to your business. Once we have reviewed your current online presence, we will make the necessary recommendations. From there, you can select from three types of Social Media Marketing programs:

SMM ‘lite’: After an initial analysis of your current channels, our team will set-up and/or update your pages. We will provide you with content ideas for you to manage.

SMM ‘medium’: This program includes the ‘lite’ options plus regular content postings.

SMM ‘heavy’: Includes ‘lite’ and ‘medium’ options and an online Ad creation and management via Facebook advertising. Our team will create campaigns specific to your target audience and look a like audiences from your current customer base. We will create the campaigns and monitor the ads. GIVE US A CALL to set up your FREE Social Media Marketing Analysis.

Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing? Marketing your business has changed significantly within the last decade. What worked 10+ years ago, is very different today. Studies have shown that consumers spend 5 hours a day on mobile devices. Marketing has always been about connecting with your prospective and current customers at the right time, and now, that means connecting with them where they are spending their time… on the internet.

Digital Marketing is the term for all of your online marketing efforts, this includes digital channels like Google Search, Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram etc), email, blog, and your website. In other words, any online asset that connects your business to your current and prospective customers.

At Entrabase, we cannot stress enough the importance of your digital marketing efforts for your business. We also fully understand that for a small to medium size business, marketing in the digital world can be overwhelming and complex. Just a few years ago, what used to be a call to the newspaper to create an ad is now an infographic on facebook, a blog article, a yelp page, google adwords and more. It can seem overwhelming. We are here to help!


Our team will create and/or update your business Yelp Page and Google Places. There are very specific components to setting up your online directory. If you already have these pages set-up, Entrabase will do a FREE analysis of your pages and provide you with a quote for any necessary updates. As an on-going client, we will also provide annual assessments and updates to your directory pages. Let’s get started on your online directory today, give our Team a call!

YELP for Your Business: Millions of people turn to Yelp everyday to make their spending decisions. The Entrabase team will set-up and advertise your Yelp for Business page. Our Yelp services include driving new customers to your business with ads, removal of competitors ads and account management. Our Yelp experts will help convert visitors to customers and help you connect with your customers with deals, gift certificates and call to action buttons.

Google Business Tools: Google offers very dynamic marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. From Google Analytics to the Tag Manager, Google Optimize and the Data Studio. The Entrabase team of designers and developers will set-up and monetize your Google for Business account. We will maintain your account, develop the Search Console, monitor analytics and create Google Adwords.


Photography is a key piece of your internet presence and branding. The Entrabase professional photographers will give your website and social media platforms a fresh, updated look. Staff headshots, photos of your establishment and business practices. Let us help you get some great images. Call us for a quote.